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Reduce Right is alt-metal

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Gimme some background?

Reduce Right is Dave C's solo project. Got tired of "You're just the drummer" so wrote an album, the first few singles of which are out.

How best to stay up to date?

Probably Twitter (if you don't mind a strange sense of humour). Also there's the mailing list (above). And follow Reduce Right on your music streaming app of choice!

Says here you're a drummer. So you play drums on your own stuff?

Way too out of practice TBH ‐my studio guy plays drums. Typically I make demos with programmed drums and take them to him. Along with my friend Boss, we discuss/improve drum parts.

Your stuff sounds over‐produced, over‐edited.

It does, and the plan is to gradually move away from that style of production to something a lil more raw.

You playing live?

Not yet, will need to find some metalhead musicians to do that with.

How to get in touch?

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